September 2017 Registration


All gymnast's returning for classes in September 2017 are required to now register online - before 15th August!
If you do not complete registration by 15th August, we cannot gurantee your place in classes, as we will offer places to people on our waiting list. 

  • Online registration now required.
  • Operating a term basis instead of monthly.
  • Term 1 = 8 week term
  • Cost = €64 (plus €20 Half Year Annual Registration for new members)
  • Sunday 3rd September - Sunday 29th October
  • Moving away from standing orders
  • Moving away from monthly fees
  • Any standing orders should be cancelled indefinitely.
  • No classes during mid terms
  • Any credit remaining on accounts will be applied after gymnasts are registered. 
  • Some people have credit on their accounts. If you could please pay your fees as normal and we will organise to credit/refund the balance to you.
  • Some people have fees outstanding since last year. If you do, you should have received an email. Please ensure that all balances are paid up by the first week of September, otherwise gymnasts will not be allowed in class. 

How to Register:

  1. Click on the 'Enrol Here' button below
  2. Select your class day 
  3. Find your class time
  4. Click 'Add to Bill' and 
  5. Find  'Half Year Annual Reg' Fee and click 'Add to Bill'
  6. The total Bill should come to E84
  7. Follow the instructions and complete the payment
  8. Once successfully registered, you will receive a receipt confirmation by email

Term 1

Sunday 3rd September - Sunday 29th October. 


Term 2 - Sunday 5th November - Sunday 17th December


Half Year Annual Registration Fee is due for any members joining between July - December. Cost = €20


Full Year Annual Registration Fee is due for any members joining between January - Jul. Cost = €35


Members Booklet Sept'17
Please ensure you read before attending classes.
Members Booklet Sept17.pdf
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