Winter Open 2020

Title: Waterford Gymnastics Winter Open 2020                     

Venue: Waterford Gymnastics Club

Cost of Entry (including 3 training session's): €30

Age: 6+

Each gymnast will train 3 times prior to the competition. 

Each kid will be required to register below. Part of your registration requires you to pick your training day - Tuesday or Thursday. Hopefully we will receive an equal split. However, numbers will be capped for each day and we may require you to change. Also, numbers for the competition are capped and are on a first come first serve basis.


  • Training Session No.1 - Tuesday 14th 7.10-8.10pm or Thursday 16th Jan 6.10-7.10pm
  • Training Session No.2 - Tuesday 21st 7.10-8.10pm or Thursday 23rd Jan 6.10-7.10pm
  • Training Session No.3 - Tuesday 28th 7.10-8.10pm or Thursday 30th Jan 6.10-7.10pm
  • Competition: Sunday 2nd February 1.30-3.30pm
  • *Please note the Tuesday night is fully booked for training

Why is extra training required? 

The reason for extra training is that not all kids in classes are interested in competing, so it would be unfair for them to have to prepare for competition during normal class times. In addition, competition training can be a bit slow and hence the learning is not as fast as we feel it should be during normal class time.

Routines will be allocated on the first day of training and videos of each routine will then be made available for gymnasts to practice at home. 

This competition is now fully subscribed

Ada Mullally

Ciara Power

Emily Kiely
Rachel Coady
Anna Mulhall
Cian Mulhall
Georgia Deegan
Kate Smyth
Beth Mulhall
Caoimhe Bhreathnach
Sophie Lynch
Saoirse Douglas
Cian Douglas
Amélie Bierry
Ellie walsh
Emily Moore
Faye o Grady
Hannah o brien
Katelyn Deegan
Lexi Zara Murphy
Nancy Maher

Level 3 will include 2 routines. One Floor routine which the girls will make up themselves, and one flexibility routine (see below). 


Floor routine will include the following skills in whatever order you wish:


1.     1⁄2 spin, 1⁄2 turn on two feet

2.    Jump 1/1 Turn

3.    Splits on the floor (right or left)

4.    Bridge Kick-over or Backward


5.    Cartwheel one, two. (prep. for


6.    Handstand Forward Roll

7.    Backward Roll with straight arms

& legs to front support

8.    Split Leap (min. 150° required)

*Points will also be awarded for creativity and style. 

*Simple skills can be added to help link the routine together.

*Some dance moves are encouraged also


Ellen Quinlan
Lia Bhreathnach
Lisa O'Byrne
Muireann McDonald
Penny white
Roisin McMahon
Sorcha Kirwan
Ciara Lynch
Isabella Doyle
Laura Smyth
Lexi Murphy
Orla ferguson
Ronan Collins
Saoirse ferguson

Level 2D will include 2 routines. One set floor routine and one set Physical Preparation routine. Both videos below.