On Monday 15th April, we will be travelling by bus to Jumpzone Sandyford. Details below, but we will confirm all details in advance!!

Date: Monday 15th April

Time: Bus departs from Waterford Gymnastics at 8.30am

Arrival Time: Back to Waterford Gymnastics at 4.30pm

Cost: €50

For Who: Invite only. You must have received an email.

What to Bring: We have food organised at the venue, however, we would suggest bringing some healthy snacks and a drink for the journey. There is also a shop on site, and some girls like to get something nice. So maybe E2, but that's optional.

Who is travelling: We will have a number of coaches travelling. 

What to Wear: Waterford Gymnastics tracksuit etc would be best, but general sports gear is perfect also. 

How to Register: Please click on the button below and select and pay for the trip.