Gymstart Challenge competition

Title: Gymstart Challenge Competition                     

Date: Sunday 8th March

Venue: Sport Ireland: National Indoor Arena

Cost of Entry: €40

Invite only - you must have received an invite email.

Extra Training: We will have 1 extra training session on Sunday 1st March 12.30-2pm. Cost €8.

Apart from that all preparations will take place during class time.

We might have a second extra class on Sunday 23rd Feb 12.30-2pm, but we will see how we are going. 

What to Wear: Club Tracksuit & Club Leotard will be required.


If you would like to enter please fill in the form below. The cutoff deadline for entries is Friday 17th January. 


Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

Level 3 will include 2 routines. One Floor routine which the girls will make up themselves, and one flexibility routine (see below). 


Floor routine will include the following skills in whatever order you wish:


1.     1⁄2 spin, 1⁄2 turn on two feet

2.    Jump 1/1 Turn

3.    Splits on the floor (right or left)

4.    Bridge Kick-over or Backward


5.    Cartwheel one, two. (prep. for


6.    Handstand Forward Roll

7.    Backward Roll with straight arms

& legs to front support

8.    Split Leap (min. 150° required)

*Points will also be awarded for creativity and style. 

*Simple skills can be added to help link the routine together.

*Some dance moves are encouraged also



Level 4 will include 2 routines. One Floor routine which the guys will make up themselves, and one Beam routine.  




Half Turn, Half Spin

3 Walks

Straight Jump connected Straight Jump

Spin Hold (3sec)

Arabesque (3sec)

Round off