Parents Week 2017: Monday 11th - Sunday 17th December
So parents week is almost here.. Please come along and have some fun with your kids. Find your inner child and pretend nobody is watching and even if we are, we look at silly as you do ;-). Nothing is more fun for a child than seeing 'grownups' rolling around the floor enjoying themselves.
Here's how its going to work:
Start of class will be a small easy going warm up where we discover some of the positions involved in gymnastics. Please encourage your kids to become the coach during this session. Ask them questions, like what should i do with my toes, where should my hands be, is this correct..... etc etc
Then its free time. Feel free to explore the gym with your kids. Go try things out. The coaches will be floating around to offer some helpful tips and get you out of a spot of bother. Ha
We only ask 2 things:
1. Be safe
2. Have fun
Finally we will have our group warm down. Everyone will be on the floor together, where we chill out for the final few moments before summer break.
Its a fantastic week and one of the most enjoyable of the year so please make the effort to come along!

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