PE - The most important subject of all

Moving in a Healthy Manner – The Most Important Under Rated Subject of them All

The current educational system applied in most countries across the world, ensures that kids from the age of 4 up to 17, spend upwards of 5 hours per day sitting at a desk, hunched over reading or writing. Is it any wonder that we have an obesity crisis on the horizon?
Parents and Society put such a focus on education, however, the minute someone gets sick or is in pain, they are the first to admit that your ‘health is your wealth’. So why then, do we put such little focus on Physical Education of kids and parents?

What if you could educate your child to understand the benefits of being fit, to be pain free, to the joy of moving freely each and every day, throughout their lives. No need for regular doctors visits, physio’s, chiropractors etc. Well you can, it's easy. Live an active lifestyle and your kids will follow suit, then your grandkids and their kids.


Want to leave a legacy? Educate and demonstrate to your kids how to live a healthy lifestyle and generations to come will have you to thank. They might not remember you, but they will speak of the great genes they have inherited.


Hows that for a legacy?

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