Parent & Toddler Group

Time: 10-11am

Days: Every Tuesday & Thursday morning starting Tuesday 3rd September

Age Category: 1-4 years

Cost: €6 per family. No Booking Required. Just turn up and have some fun


When is it on and what age group does it cater for?

Supervision is 100% needed from parents at all times throughout the hour. Our coaches role is to float around throughout the gym and to provide ideas and answer questions. No registration required, just come along!

What does it involve?

Toddlers and parents are welcome to play and explore the gym together through jumping, climbing, tumbling and rolling in our toddler specific soft play area. Bars, rings, beams, bouncy mat, and the colourful parachute are also used throughout the hour. Coaches are floating throughout the gym and are more than happy to answer any questions you have or give you some ideas on what to try on each piece.

Benefits for your toddler:

Babies  and toddlers have a natural urge for movement and contact. This hour of fun is about play and growing your toddler’s self-esteem. It aims to progress fuller range of movement, enhance mobility and physical strength. It develops  coordination (gross & fine motor control) and socially, it encourages toddlers to interact with one another, take turns, and share (as much as they can ;-))

Benefits for parents:

·       Learn about their toddlers

·       Teaches parents the importance skill of safe handling and support in playful exercises

·       Provides a social aspect for parents to mingle and chat if they wish

·       A safe and happy space to play and watch your toddler reaching little milestones