Term 1 - September 2023

We hope everyone is excited for Term 1 September 2023. Please see all info required below:

  • Our Ethos - At Waterford Gymnastics, we aim to bring the fun of gymnastics, to all kids, regardless of ability, in a safe, confidence building environment.  
  • Classes commence from Monday 4th September onwards
  • Term 1 will be 10 weeks long
  • We will have no regular classes during the mid term break in October - we will send an email the week before to remind you.
  • Our Location - X91 D897
  • Doors will open 5 minutes before class, please don't drop kids in advance of this as they won't be allowed to enter the hall. 
  • Please use the toilet in advance of class, it ensures kids get more gymnastics done
  • General sports gear is perfect to wear. Leotards are optional. Please also bring a bottle of water
  • Class Structure (most of the time):
    • 10mins: Warm-up, stretching, practice and review of fundamentals (hopping, skipping, coordination, balance etc) and foundational gymnastics.
    • 45mins: Gymnasts are divided into their groups and, with their coach, will spend time on the different apparatus in the gym. Coaches try to get to 3 or 4 different pieces of apparatus during a single class. However this can vary depending on what the group is working on. Our coaches strive to keep our gymnasts engaged and moving (and having fun) throughout their class. 
    • 5mins: Light stretch/ Challenge/ Show and Tell
  • Groupings:
    • Gymnasts are divided into groups within the class. We use a ratio of 8 kids to 1 coach (some gyms operate on 12:1 ratio). 
    • We try to divide kids based on ability, age & personality. It's an ever evolving process and is never set in stone. Its a delicate balancing act. 
      • You don't want to be the strongest in your group, as the learning process will be slow. You also don't want to be the weakest as this could dent your confidence. Somewhere in the middle is ideal!!
      • The first few weeks, there will be a lot of shuffling around as we get to see ability levels etc. Its usually week 3 before we are in full flow.....
  • Throughout the year we run other events such as day trips, in house competitions, skill workshops, camps etc. We will be in touch about all these closer to the time. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week - Team WGC